That which propels the sausage factory of the internet. Here are some nutritious examples on related topics.

M Squared
Finally, ultimately ... an official looking site for the M Squared train-spotter searching for the real deal.

M Squared Memoirs
Salutary tales about taking the music you make beyond your bedroom. Michael Tee is characteristically candid and thoughtful about the brief spark of the M Squared firecracker. Also recommended for his account of the fortunes of Ya Ya Choral.

No Night Sweats: Sydney's Post Punk Bands
Somehow, Phil Turnbull has managed to compile, edit and narrate material which is hugely informative for newcomers to the subject and utterly compelling for anybody who even vaguely remembers the time. Better than Proust.

a Slow Rip
With Ian Miles and Rob Laurie, Phil Turnbull's latest musical adventure is a Slow Rip. Using group improvisations, editing and studio enhancements they are producing exhilarating, ambient soundscapes. Check them out!

Sevcom Museum of Severed Heads
Feeling like some Severed Heads in aspic? Kevin Busby's FAQ (where's his excellent, encyclopaedic site gone?) Bernie Maier's engaging stroll through Sev's history, a scholarly work on Volition records and a bumper image archiving project are all good things to savour here.

Tom Ellard
Everything Ellard, or at least what he feels like sending through the tea strainer of the internet at any given time. Just be grateful this man has so much energy.

The Loop Orchestra
It's comforting to know that what goes around comes around enhanced. Harnessing the power of analogue tape technology to bring forth something new, The Loopies continue to be refreshing almost thirty years after they began.

Vinyl on Demand
As the name suggests this fantastic vinyl only operation releases rare material from experimental / minimal electronics and avant-garde artists on a medium that lasts.

Anonradio: the next generation
Radio preserved or created for your continued enjoyment, including many editions of John Blades' and Richard Fielding's Background Noise program on Sydney's 2MBS.