New split album from TLHOTF and skipism

Melbourne label Psychic Hysteria is proud to release Quiet / / Disquiet - companion albums from skipism and the little hand of the faithful.

These two artists have worked side by side on the fringes for almost 40 years. Their inspirations and influences have intertwined and infused their creative work in sometimes unconscious ways. And yet these two albums could not be more divergent. Both will fill your mind and move it to a different space.

Quiet / is the third release for skipism, the solo project of Dru Jones (Height/Dismay, Scattered Order, Lint, whisker floater).

Quiet / draws your attention to small sounds, combining electronic instruments, field recording and voice in subtle and emotive layers.

/ Disquiet is the second release by the little hand of the faithful, the solo project of Mitchell Jones (The Barons, Scattered Order, My Name is Mannering, Lint).

/ Disquiet selects disconcerting found sounds and conversations and relocates them in the troubled waters of interpretive soundtracks.

Get the deluxe double cassette package and download from Psychic Hysteria at Bandcamp